Ruth Bunyenyezi. 46 years with UTB 2004 Ltd

It has been a long interesting and changing journey.

When I stated working with Uganda Travel Bureau in 1974, There were no Reservation Computers by then. A Reservations was made on a Booking Card, getting the information from the Books, Air Tarif for fares and ABCs for the flight routing and the rest was done manually.

The card would be taken to the respective airline , and a Telex message would be sent to their respective airline headquarters and be processed. The earliest the Reservation Confirmation would take like a day and a half. The Agent had to fill in a form showing the Itinerary and the fare would be taken to the Bank of Uganda for approval in Uganda Shillings.

With several decades of service under her belt, Ruth Benyenyezi has won many accolades and awards from the travel industry, including British Airways and Rwanda Air t o name a few.

When approved, a Manual air ticket was issued by the Agent, in Uganda Shillings, and forward the approved Bank form and a Copy of the air ticket to the respective airline to enable the airline to transfer the payment to their Headquarters in the respective currency weekly. For an Agent to get an approved license to work, International Air Transport License , AITA, an Inspection group from East African Airways, which was the airline that represented Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, would come to inspect the premises, the qualification of the members of staff and the Company’s Bank Account.

After approval is when the Agent would be given a stock of Air Tickets.

The Travel Agent companies were only (4) Four, not like today when we are many and no Agent was allowed to operate without an AITA approval.

Life has completely changed for the better. No more using ABC and Air Tarif books. Agents are given Computers which has simplified the work. Agents are paid in both Dollars and in Local currency , at the going rate. Airlines are many here and passengers are offered give-aways according to the cost of the air ticket. We can now even make reservations even on our Mobile Telephones ! ! ! Passengers can call you any time of the day for assistance. The beauty in working in the Travel Industry, you have an advantage of touring the world at a very low cost but most of all, you meet different wonderful personalities all the time.

I have been to most wonderful places e.g. The Table Mountain in Cape Town, Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, The China Wall, in China, visited the World Bank, the White House, Disney World in Florida, Tower of London, The Big Ben , the British Museum and Madam Tussauds, Traveled by road from Cairo to Israel, seen Mount Sinai and above all I touched the Tomb where Jesus Christ was buried.

I have no regrets at all for having worked for the last 46 Years.