About Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park enjoys a stunning location on the rift valley floor between Lakes Edward and George where a mosaic of habitat supports 95 mammal species and a remarkable 612 species of birds. It lies on the rift valley floor where it rises 480m from 910m at the Kazinga channel to 1390m in the explosion crater field.

The Wild Life.

Residents of Queen Elizabeth National Park’s grassland include elephant, Cape buffalo, Uganda kob, waterbuck, warthog, giant forest hog, lion, leopard and hyena. Topi are found in Ishasha while forest primates are found in kyambura gorge and Maramagambo forest.

Ishasha the park’s remote southern sector provides a true wilderness experience. Diverse habitats including the Ishasha River, savanna woodland and the marshy Lake Edward flats support a variety of wildlife including the famous tree climbing lions and the rare shoe bill stork.

Where to stay.


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The Kazinga Channel.

Linking Lake George and Lake Edward the 32km long Kazinga channel provides Queen Elizabeth National Park’s prime wildlife spectacle. Its shoreline attracts a large number of birds, mammals and reptiles year round. These can be seen from two covered launches.

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