Sipi Falls.

On the slopes of Mount Elgon on the northern side of the volcano at an elevation of 1100m. There is a point where the Sipi River which flows from the Bamboo forest flows to the valley and its water gushes down a cliff of 100m high to form a spectacular water fall that has been named Sipi. The volume of water on Sipi Falls fluctuates between the rainy and dry season, from the top of the cliff it drops to a water pool at the bottom, which has got ambient sounds that it creates. With birds singing beside it.

From the top of the Falls there is a breath taking view of the Sipi Valley, the plains of Kapchorwa right up to the plains around Lake Kyoga, this makes a visit to the place rewarding. You can also take a walk from here to the bottom of the falls. Rock Climbing is popular at the cliff besides the Falls where there are 10 spot climbing routes ranging from 10m to 30m which suit all standards of climbers from the beginner to the expert. There are caves available beside this cliff that have got small bats inside and crystal deposits that are worth exploring.

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